The Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment is a systematic process of identifying the impact of existing, new or substantially altered projects on health, safety and the environment.

Nowadays, the impact of process industry / manufacturer operations on the health and safety of their staff and that of the communities in which they are located, as well as the surrounding environment, is coming under scrutiny from various quarters. It is therefore important that an organization is able to identify and mitigate any issues that might have an adverse effect on these HSE areas.

Our Solution

Smart Compliance Limited can start by benchmarking your current activities and highlighting potential exposures and significant HSE risks. We then look at the big picture, to see what changes can be made in the way you work. An HSE Impact Assessment will then be conducted to demonstrate that the following have been achieved:

  • Prevention plan for major accidents and the HSE Management System are streamlined and put into effect.
  • Safety & health hazards and environmental impacts have been identified, recorded and assessed.
  • Environmental impacts and risks are being managed.
  • Suitable measures have been identified and the critical equipment, systems and activities are in place.
  • On-site and off-site emergency plans are prepared.
  • A sound overall plan is in place to safeguard life, property, environment and the business.

Identifying potential HSE risks and taking the necessary measures to deal with them quickly and effectively can result in cost savings by removing the risk of unnecessary downtime, avoiding preventable injuries and preventing environmental disasters.

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Health, Safety and Environmental Critical Equipment Systems are those equipment and systems whose failure could cause or contribute to an accident with severe or catastrophic consequences or whose purpose it is to prevent or limit the effect of such accidents.

In every operation, there are critical equipment systems that must function properly and be monitored correctly in order to prevent any sort of disruption or damage, as any failure may result in major accidents.

Our Solution

Smart Compliance Limited has the knowledge and practical experience to help you benchmark your current Critical Equipment activities and determine what needs to be done additionally. We can train your workforce, support program implementation and help you reduce your technical problems.

We will come up with the necessary plans and programs that will help you systematically improve the monitoring of these systems.

The objectives of HSECE identification & management are as follows:

  • Prepare performance standards for all identified HSECE.
  • Provide qualitative and quantitative performance requirements for the item, equipment or computer program in question.
  • Protect people and the environment from major hazards, including fires, explosions and the release of toxic gases and fumes.
  • Ensure that effective plans for the escape from affected areas of the site, the evacuation of the site or the transfer of people to safety have been established.

Identifying potential HSECE risks and taking the necessary measures to deal with them quickly and effectively are crucial since the failure of these systems could cause or contribute to an accident with severe consequences

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The definition of solutions to optimize waste management is to transforming the actual problems of different agencies and company organizations into opportunities. This service is aimed at Public agencies, industrial installations, service companies, comprehensive management systems, associations and other organizations concerned with:

  • The development and operation of waste management plans.
  • The definition and implementation of prevention and waste minimization strategies.
  • Awareness and raising consciousness about waste minimization and improved waste management.
  • Conducting initial feasibility studies for the implementation of management systems
  • Introducing waste management development and innovation programs.
  • Assessing and monitoring of public waste management QOS (quality of service)
  • Reducing the costs of waste treatment through optimized management strategies
  • We provide comprehensive solutions for the management of dangerous and inert urban waste, from planning to the technical and economic optimization of the related processes.
  • We have considerable knowledge in many sectors generating waste and of the public agencies involved.
  • We are capable of developing comprehensive turnkey projects adapted to the specific needs of our customers.
  • Our consultancy and inspection activities in the waste sector are based on strict certified quality references.
  • Guarantees and facilitates compliance with waste material legislation.
  • Generates economic benefits by lowering the costs of waste management and optimizing resources.
  • Creates benefit from the results of optimal management of waste and processes Improves market image.
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Assessment of environmental implications of company initiatives and projects from the moment the feasibility decision is taken on made feasibility to the market release and operation of defined installations or infrastructures.

This service is aimed at:

Public bodies agencies and private building developers of installations and infrastructures (energy, civil works, etc.) requiring technical assistance in the following fields:

  • Environmental planning of activities:, such as studies of environmental effects and events, environmental impact studies, strategic environmental assessment , and selection of locations.
  • Environmental monitoring and management during construction work.
  • Support for compliance with the environmental requirements resulting from the environmental impact declaration, complete environmental authorization and other administrative authorizations relating to the environment.
  • Environmental monitoring of infrastructures and installations in operation
  • Studies and environmental monitoring of environmental settings (fauna, flora, ground, etc.)
  • Modeling of environmental impacts on different environmental vectors.
  • We make perform all of the studies and complete the work necessary so that all economic activity is based on the consideration of sustainable development through all stages, conforming at all times to the obligations resulting from applicable environmental standards.
  • We conduct our work according to strict certified quality references. We have inspection units and our own qualified laboratories to complete the environmental verifications required
  • Ensures and facilitates conformity to environmental requirements defined by the various public agencies involved, reducing costs throughout all project phases.
  • Provides details of all the implications of the environmental requirements for each business initiative.
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We provide the necessary information and resources to complete your quality task through our trained, certified and well experienced staff, within a specified time period.

This service is aimed at:
  • Selection of right nondestructive testing method/s and techniques suitable for the application.
  • Selection of suitable equipment for specific purpose.
  • Preparation of NDT inspection procedures for various inspection methods, clients and jobs.
  • Preparation of procedures based on International, National or in-house Codes, Standards and specifications to meet customer requirements.
  • Preparation of Test report formats and NDE technique sheets
  • Preparation of advanced NDT procedures such as Ultrasonic testing of TKY joints, Immersion Ultrasonic testing procedure and Aerospace NDT procedures, Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Time of Light Diffraction UT, Long range UT, Magnetic flux leakage etc.
  • Procedures for Advanced NDT methods such as Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT), Ultrasonic testing (UT), Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT), Radiographic Testing, Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Hardness Testing.
  • Preparation of written practices as per ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A.
  • Review of all inspection procedures.
  • Review of procedures based on International, National or in-house Standards & Specifications.
  • Validation of Procedures.
  • ASME code stamp certification consulting services.
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Lifting operation can often put people at great risk of injury, as well as incurring great costs when they go wrong. It is therefore important to properly resource, plan and organise lifting operations so they are carried out in a safe manner. Each of these elements requires a person or people with sufficient competence to be involved at each step. These people should have sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of the work and equipment in question, as well as the requirements of the law, to be able to do this properly. For complex and high-risk operations, the planning and organization should be extensive and meticulous.

What you should do

If your business or organization undertakes lifting operations or is involved in providing lifting equipment for others to use, you must manage and control the risks to avoid any injury or damage.

Where you undertake lifting operations involving lifting equipment you must:

  • plan them properly
  • Using people who are sufficiently competent
  • Supervise them appropriately
  • To ensure that they are carried out in a safe manner
How can we help you?
  • Plan and undertake lifting operation
  • Prepare a safe lifting plan
  • Help you select the right equipment for any lifting activities
  • Conduct thorough examination of Lifting equipment
  • Provide professionals for lifting operations
  • Train and develop lifting personnel
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